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Houston Aces Management

William T. Brumbaugh, President / Owner

Aces Debut: 2012

Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah

Favorite Aces Moment: The flight home from the USASA mid-year Meeting where the idea and concept of The Houston Aces was born.

Background: After a life of living abroad and growing up with the game of soccer all around me; I settled in Houston in the late 80's early 90's. I have played the beautiful game since 4 years of age and continue to play to this day. My legacy is to provide the opportunities to all players who wish to continue playing at all levels of the game. I am the fifth generation in my family bloodline and each of us has been successful in various fields including farming, academics, culinary arts, geophysics, and now soccer. My family is very important to me and my growing soccer family has gained the same respect.

Catherine Brumbaugh, General Manager

Aces Debut: 2012

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Favorite Aces Moment: Hosting the first player retreat at Cypress Bend Resort. This is where I saw the players begin to realize what it meant to play professional soccer.

Background: When I am not in the office or traveling, I still enjoy playing the beautiful sport. I currently play in the Houston Women’s Soccer Association, an adult amateur soccer league, for the Alliance Futbol Club.

Deb Schady, Game Day Operations Manager

Aces Debut: 2012

Hometown: New York, New York

Favorite Aces Moment: Coach gets so frustrated and tries to sub the referee with the fourth official.

Background: I currently play in the Houston adult amateur soccer leagues on several teams and manage two teams in the Alliance Futbol Club.

Bill Van der vlist, Referee Liaison

Aces Debut: 2013

Hometown: Canberra, Australia

Favorite Aces Moment: It will be when the Houston Aces make the grade to be a truly championship team representing Houston!

Background: My early days in Australia are filled with great memories like playing with the captain of the Socceroo's in the 70’s, Johnny Warren, and serving on the Board of Directors for the Canberra City Soccer Club. My involvement in the sport has spanned over 50 years so far and I am not done yet! I continue to referee and am hoping to use my experience and passion to help others no matter what area of expertise they need help with. I was presented with the Appreciation Award in 1997 and in 1999 and was granted the ultimate prize in 2002 "Life Membership" from ACTSF during my referee career. I can still remember lecturing the class at Kambah High School where Ben Williams was a student and saying to him and the other students "You can become a FIFA referee and get to the World Cup if you want to" Well he did! These days I enjoy being involved with the many youth and adult tournaments held in the Houston area as this keeps me fit, in touch and continues to feed my passion for the "The World Game"! Now it is time to add another chapter, the Houston Aces.

Jamaal Ellis, Photography & Production Manager

Aces Debut: 2012

Hometown: Texas

Favorite Aces Moment: Taking my God Daughter to the game, all the ball girls were extremely nice to her and let her kick the ball around for a bit.

Background: Owner of j.vince photography. Graduate from The University of Houston.

William F. Brumbaugh, Equipment Specialist

Aces Debut: 2012

Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Favorite Aces Moment: When the Aces played their first game.

Background: I have been growing up in a house of soccer. My entire family plays and we all enjoy the game. I'm excited to be a part of this adventure and I look to one day take over and help grow the sport.

Megan Brown, "Diva" the Honeybadger Mascot

Aces Debut: 2014


Favorite Aces Moment:


Evan Anderson, Athletic Trainer

Aces Debut: 2013

Hometown: Houston, TX

Favorite Aces Moment:

Background: Graduated from Baylor University with a BS in Athletic Training. Worked as a Student Athletic Trainer for soccer, baseball, and football while attending Baylor. Holds a Texas state licesne in Athletic Training and member of the National Athletic Trainers Association. Head Athletic Trainer for The Houston Aces and South Select since 2013 season.

OPEN POSITION, Marketing & Ticket Sales Manager

Aces Debut: Now accepting applications! Send resumes to


Favorite Aces Moment: