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OSM is hiring in North America

By OSM North America, 24-Jan-2014

OSM has close to 10,000 employees at sea. There are over 450 units under management and more than 20 offices worldwide. At OSM it is not about how many ships are operated or how many offices they have; those are only numbers, and the heart and soul of OSM is not size. It’s about people! Read the entire story...

Aces Development Program

By , 7-Oct-2014

The Houston Aces look to develop future talent. For the remainder of the 2014 calendar year and 2015 season, the Aces have launched the Aces Development Program or A.D.P. ADP is run once a week on Saturday evenings at Bear creek park from 7-9pm. "It's not where you play but why you play" - William Brumbaugh, Houston Aces president. Our goal is to prepare current club players for college, national & international opportunities without disturbing their commitments to their current club. At the end of each season the Top Aces Academy players will participate in the USASA National Women's U23 tourney as well as other high profile tournaments to give the players additional high caliper experience and opportunities. The A.D.P is also designed for players outside of the youth club system 18-25 years old. Whether you are looking to transfer colleges, play for your favorite college or play abroad, the A.D.P is here to take you to the next level of your soccer career. For more information email us at . Read the entire story...

Copa America

By , 21-Sep-2014

The Houston Aces is really proud and wants to share with you the amazing performance of the Colombian National team during the “Copa América”, which is being played in Ecuador and will end on September 28th. Read the entire story...

Aces join the fight against Cancer again in 2014

By , 7-Oct-2014

Once again The Houston Aces join forces with Texas Children's Cancer Research and soccer commentator, Glenn Davis, to take a swift kick at Pediatric Cancer. Saturday Dec 13th the Aces host a clinic for 4 hours at Bear creek park for all ages and skill levels to enjoy as well as helping a great cause in cancer research. Registration opens soon ($55 fee and 100% goes to TCH cancer research), make sure to save your spot early - the first 100 registered will receive an Aces beanie to keep your head warm during the winter season! We will also have various raffle items at the clinic! Read the entire story...

Texas Open Tryout Tour 2014/2015

By , 7-Oct-2014

The Houston Aces will be hosting open tryouts on tour in Texas. Not only will Houston talent have an opportunity to participate but so will talent in our neighboring cities. We are on a mission to find the top Texas talent. Current cities on the tour for 2014/2015 season are: Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and Beaumont. Registration opens November 1st! All participants will have the opportunity to participate in our Academy development program. Read the entire story...

Join us for Thanksgiving Holiday Fun!

By , 21-Oct-2014

The Houston Aces and the Houston Dutch Lions FC and will partner up to host a unique soccer camp during the Thanksgiving holiday. The Houston Dutch Lions FC Coaching Staff consisting of Dutch, UEFA certified, experienced Coaches and the Houston Aces players and coaches will guarantee a high quality camp for both boys and girls! Read the entire story...

Say YES to Fitness and the Aces

By , 7-Oct-2014

The Houston Aces are proud to join and be energized by Yes Fitness. Yes Fitness is the official training center of the Houston Aces for strength/conditioning and preventative injury training. Be sure to look up all the programs Yes Fitness has to offer to you and your families. Join us as we continue to spread the importance of good exercise and healthy living. On the last Friday of every month the Houston Aces will participate in the Yes Fitness Victory Day at multiple locations across Houston. If you see a Houston Ace from the first team snap a photo and post on our Facebook and receive a special gift. Read the entire story...

"Now and Then" Returns starting with Yes Prep

By , 7-Oct-2014

The Houston Aces continues with their “Now and Then” program into the 2014/15 school year. Our first stop is at Yes Prep Schools of Houston. The Houston Aces for have committed to visiting Yes Prep schools volunteering their time helping the school’s soccer program for 2014/2015 season. We are excited to be a part of the Yes Prep schools and the ability to support the up and coming players. If you would like to have the Aces visit your school please email us at . Read the entire story...


    USASAWomen's Open Cup Finalists 2014

    Southeast Confernece Champions 2014

    Big Sky Champions 2014

    WPSL Finalists 2014

    WPSL Big Sky All-Stars 2014

    • Callie Payetta (M)
    • Dyanne Anderson (D)
    • Lauren Prewitt (M)
    • Yolanda McMillion (D)
    • Natalia Gaitan (D)
    • Natalia Ariza (D)
    • Angelique Guillory (F) - Aces South Select
    • Annette Sohmer (F) - Aces South Select
    • Lindsay South (M) - Aces South Select

    USASA National Open Cup Champions 2013

    Midwest Conference Champions 2013

    Big Sky South Champions 2013

    WPSL Finalists 2013

    WPSL National Championship Best XI

    • Callie Payetta (M) - 2013
    • McKenna Waitley (M) - 2013
    • Jackie Acevedo (F) - 2013

    All WPSL Team

    • Dyanne Anderson (D) - 2013
    • Jackie Acevedo (F) - 2013

    All Midwest / Big Sky South Team

    • Player of the Year - Dyanne Anderson (D) - 2013
    • Goalkeeper of the Year - Catherine Fitzsimmons (GK) - 2013
    • 1st Team
      - Catherine Fitzsimmons (GK) - 2013
      - Dyanne Anderson (D) - 2013
      - Natalia Arizia (M/D) - Aces South Select 2013
      - Teofila Chavez (M) - Aces South Select 2013
      - Jackie Acevedo (F) - 2013
    • 2nd Team
      - McKenna Waitley (M) - 2013
      - Tatiana Ariza (F) - Aces South Select 2013